Democracy is a word in the dictionary

“Communist” as is actually practiced in Red China and Burma, for example, has the “advantage” of allowing an elite to capture the nations and run them for their own selfish purposes. This is far from Marxist ideals, but a good deal for the inner circle of ‘leaders.’ Because the leaders can use the police and military to control and suppress the population, the leaders can continue to take whatever they want while people suffer (and starve in N. Korea). Leaders will never change because they like current situation. Leaders will SAY they are democratic, but here is the truth instead.

Because the USA was able to steal a whole continent from the people already living there and had a permissive govt., USA became very wealthy, even ordinary people. However, usa ruling elite, before so rich they could share a bit with regular people, now are thinking internationally and have abandoned usa for using the whole world, so usa has economic melt down while its ruling elite gets money internationally. USA has a coating of democracy, but when the choice of leaders is only a choice between a pretty one and an ugly one, and voters can not get accurate information, the voters’ votes are as meaningless as those in Red China.

If you are under 40 age, you will live under the Red Chinese form of repression because usa is moving that way… toward a full police state, too. USA and Red China will be uneasy and suspicious partners in dominating the future world but democracy will be only a word in the dictionary.


About Charles Henry Harpole

Retired college teacher of cinema studies and film-making. Film Dept/Program founder and administrator. Buddhist. Amateur "ham" radio operator, HS0ZCW. Prepper evaluator
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