Just the Facts, Oct. 2013

disappeariJUST THE FACTS

(October 21, 2013)

Here are the facts about current events, questions, and other items that no one wants to think about very much (but deep inside know something is really messed up).

  1.  The World Trade Center was destroyed on purpose.  There was knowledge about the plot to hit the towers with a high jacked airplane, and explosives were planted by portions of the U.S. government to bring down the towers as the planes hit.  This event was staged to provide “another Pearl Harbor” to galvanize the American public in support of a new round of wars that continue to this day and surely beyond.  See #2.

2.  A plan was made to destabilize several nations in the Mid East to control or mitigate the effects of the rise of world Islam, see #7, and to secure greater economic benefits from that plan.  The nations targeted for a near-simultaneous disruption include Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Egypt, Algeria, and Yemen.  The plan began to take effect in December 2010 in Tunisia and continued to spread destabilizing effects through the whole region.  This is now called in the West an “Arab Spring,” to hide the massive disruption of millions of people’s lives (and worse, of course).  Several nations had what is sanitized with the label “Days of Rage,” and self immolations were highlighted in the Western media to underpin the idea of an angry populace there.  This American plan was/is very expensive but also very effective for the American goals noted herein.  See #3 and #4.

3.  The American financial crisis was triggered by an enormous drain of cash used to finance the destabilizations in the Mid East, see #2.  Cash was needed to foment street actions, for example, because young unemployed men on the streets of these nations do not take checks.  Cash was spread around to pay people in these countries to foment street demonstrations which became the visible aspect which the American public need to consume and believe and, thus, to support their government actions there, see #4.  Behind the scenes actions were also taken but not exposed to the public.

4.  The cash to destabilize the Mid East, the situation called the “Arab Spring,” was taken from the system of financing and underpinning of the American housing market.  This system was the most available source of a truly massive amount of cash, not credit or other instruments, to conduct the “Arab Spring.”  Perhaps the cash drain was so extensive and catastrophic to American housing that it exceeded plans.  It is easy, however, to grasp that any expense was necessary for the huge plan, see #3, even to the extent of halving home values across America.  American home owners, within one year, saw their vaulted nest-eggs—their homes which they had believed were underpinned by the ever-rising homes market and thus their homes were both their dream and their families’ financial security—cut about in half.  This result was a disaster for the American Middle Class and hastened the end of that class in America.  See #5 and #8.

5.  The erosion of the American Middle Class began in earnest with the personal computer which eliminated most of the need for their skills.  This phenomenon followed soon after the erosion of need for skilled and semi-skilled labor—people who work with their hands—as that kind of work was moved out of America to locations where that kind of labor was much cheaper and easier to handle.  By the turn of the Century, it was clear that America had developed a massive problem:  America is, or is soon to be, home to millions of people for which there is no use.  The Middle Class and lower classes are no longer needed as a combined work force, but there is the problem of what to do with all these people, see #6.  That group continues to be quite important as consumers, but they are rapidly running out of incomes to pay for consumer goods.  Plans need to be laid to accommodate this dilemma;  those plans are unclear today;  see the problem of personal debt, #9.

6.  As the vast majority of Americans became obsolete as workers, see #5, the problem for the controllers of America emerges:  What to do with all these people?  Because America has inherited a culture of equal political rights and, even more, of expectations that a good life was the public’s due, a full-on totalitarian solution (as done by Nazis and in South America) appears unacceptable.  Mass interments cost lots of money, even run at starvation levels, and mass executions appear, today, not tolerable.  Some population elimination will occur as food riots break out and the military simply shoots lots of people (today. practice for this situation is called “zombie” control).  But the problem remains of what to do with all the economically useless people.  Being Americans with the culture of self reliance, the problem of successful herding them is acute;  further, the populace is heavily armed.  Public opinion control, firmly in hand by the government and successful so far, yet is very likely to fall far short of luring the surplus American population to go joyfully into the nightmare of poverty such as now in Bangladesh or Burma.  A solution seems not yet formulated.

7.   The fastest growing religion in the world is Islam.  Muslims are being created rapidly through population growth and conversions.  Too, it is easy for Muslims to see that Christianity, and the economic and military power holding Christianity up, is their enemy both from historic and even Biblical/ Koran reasons and because Christian power is invading their homelands.  It is more accurate to say that Christian powers have had significant covert control of those lands for decades, but now that Muslims are more aware of their suffering that control has given them.  The idea of expelling Christian powers from their lands has become a prevailing factor.  And, what Muslim-oriented actions are taken are made to play into the hands of the Christian Americans (and Westerners generally) to whip up war fever against those parts of the world that contain valuable resources, mainly oil, and the non-Christian occupiers of those lands.  The cult of Christianity firmly asserts its universal rightness which is then used to justify attendant domination of those lands.  The cult of Islam firmly asserts its own universal rightness which underpins their claim to their homelands and the need to repel the Christians.  A more classic, and dangerous, conflict situation could not be invented in fiction.  This conflict dictates current world affairs (in regions outside of China, see #12).

8.  The American dream, emerging from the horrors of World War II, was centered on the Mother/Father family unit and on home ownership.   Development of vast tracts of single family homes was created and a massive structure to pay for that was created.  This situation was made possible by easy and cheap credit, which bound the home buyer to his home, and by the universal and promoted idea of ever escalation of home values which could safely secure the loans on the homes.  The binding of the home buyer to his home via a mortgage was welcomed (more than just tolerated) in part because the economy was booming and job security was high—thus keeping the payments made on time, but also creating a “wage slave” situation for middle and lower class workers.  This situation was not perceived as a bad thing because life was so much better than that of grandfather.  Too, the bright future seemed to promise ever escalating home values so that the bulk of the family money could safely go into the home and not into savings.  Consumer credit was also easy to obtain, and it underpinned the consumer economy that fully matured, see #9.

9.  In the latter part of the last Century, it became clear that middle and lower classes of workers were rapidly becoming obsolete, see #6.   But, these workers had become dependent on easily obtained consumer credit, and had run up massive debts that only American brand of optimism could have engendered.  Consumer credit was badly needed by the economy, however, because that economy had changed over from an economy that manufactured things to an economy that purchased things, things made overseas, and services.   The situation had evolved to where each person “serviced” the other person, shaky at best, and easy credit filled in the gaps of obtaining actual things.  With the collapse of the values of homes, now people are saddled with paying more for a home than it is worth and on top of that, of paying the credit card bills with salaries that have significantly stagnated for decades.  As the noose tightens, Americans who are now in denial soon will face the inevitable momentous lowering of their standard of living.  The social and political repercussions of that are just now being felt and will significantly accelerate.

10.   Into this mix must be the consideration of the huge social services and public assistance provided to poor people.  Americans think of themselves as a generous people based on Christian good will for all.  However, as the crunch accelerates on the middle class, who can still pay taxes, the generosity is evaporating.  Americans do not see that public assistance is much more than do-good generous;  public assistance/welfare is a bribe to the unemployable to remain reasonably docile.  It is a kind of “make work” without the work (whereas handouts and tax breaks to big business are “make work” with some work, genuinely useful or not).   Like all bribes, when the payments stop, all hell breaks loose.  Welfare recipients, made partially comatose by drugs and daily survival desperation, will wake up and go looking for “free” food in stores and will bypass the government checks that no longer arrive anyway and go directly to the source of their needs.  Pockets in America can become the province of local war lords as normal social order breaks down.  A more concrete prediction must be left to a later discussion.

11. Uncontrolled capitalism is the very real cause and villain in these facts.  For example, capitalism has built into it poverty and a segment of “losers” just as surely as there is a segment of “winners.”  It is impossible to have open capitalism without creating poor people and also exploited others;  it is the design of the system.  Rather than belaboring a summary here, the motion picture, CAPITALISM:  A LOVE STORY, contains the whole explanation in terms anyone can understand.

12.   Then, what about controlled capitalism, the center of which is now China;  that is the People’s Republic of China (PRC) as opposed to the China now on Taiwan.  The PRC is basically laying back, smiling, licking its lips, and waiting until the West fully fails.  Being a one-party system removed from petty things like re-elections, the PRC can plan for years and look ahead even a hundred years if necessary.  Its economy is strong by international terms, and it has time to wait.  Based on a kind of slave labor, the PRC can trundle along by selling consumer goods to the world while pushing its own citizens to become rampant consumers, too.  The PRC is not without its problems, but it has the largest army on the globe which owns all the guns and is fed by a disproportionate population of young men for whom the military is a positive option.  The PRC has excellent control on public information and education.  Also, it has used its spare cash to move aggressively into the African and South American markets and resources (while America was preoccupied in bankrupting itself with wars in the Mid East).   Centrally controlled capitalism, as mostly matured in the old Soviet Union, is a much more sure route for success, with corruption being its genuine inner threat (shown in the CCCP).  In the short run, the PRC will come to dominate the world, but, by the way, without creating many more happy, secure lives.

I wrote this without any documentation nor citations to authority because I do not care if my reader believes me or not.  I am now so old, I have ceased to care for such petty matters as people too lazy or stupid to see the rightness of my analysis.  These are the facts as of this date.  Charles H. Harpole


About Charles Henry Harpole

Retired college teacher of cinema studies and film-making. Film Dept/Program founder and administrator. Buddhist. Amateur "ham" radio operator, HS0ZCW. Prepper evaluator
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