Quantum Mechanics Meet Buddha



Quantum mechanics, advanced science, has finally met Buddha.  A Buddhist, listening to a description of “nature” delivered by a quantum mechanics scientist has to be struck by the similarities.  The Buddhist has to say, “Where have you guys been for centuries?  Buddha was there before you.”


Advanced Buddhist practitioners have all had the existence of this knowledge.  They knew, and practiced, being in two (or more) places at the same time.  They knew and practiced time travel and could walk through walls and leave their footprints in solid stone—which they intuited was not solid at all.  They changed their physical nature from matter into energy and could visit places far afield because they traveled as a wave.  Buddhists visited other dimensions or parallel universes.  They knew, and know, that all is emptiness filled with something without a name, and from moment to moment a person is made different again and again as he internationalizes–makes decisions and actions.   The physical scientists are finally nearly catching up with quantum mechanics.


Buddhists know that reality is a product of the mind and that observation of something not only changes the thing but it also becomes you and you become it.  Now, there is that famous math that has come along to show this to those who missed Buddhism and thought they were safe from it in their “known universe.”  Quantum mechanics scientists, take a look at Tibetan Buddhism and see where you are now going.  Buddha was there before you.


About Charles Henry Harpole

Retired college teacher of cinema studies and film-making. Film Dept/Program founder and administrator. Buddhist. Amateur "ham" radio operator, HS0ZCW. Prepper evaluator
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2 Responses to Quantum Mechanics Meet Buddha

  1. I’m currently reading the book “Touching My Father’s Soul” by Jamling Tenzing Norgay. I just finished reading the page where he (or his ghost writer) wrote these same things about Buddhism.

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