Second Amendment U.S. Constitution


The basic principles of the Constitution rest on the idea of protecting citizens from their government. That was the major problem the elite of The Colonies had with King George. King Geo was getting into their pockets too much, threatening to throw them in jail without a trial, and wanting to run many aspects of their lives. The colonials fought against that and many of their poor hirelings died shot or frozen for these ideas and elite people.

Remember who wrote the Constitution… rich white land and slave owners, men who had recently stolen the land by killing Indians and who wanted to stay rich and get richer. Like politicians of all eras, they wrapped their goals inside lofty ideals and phrases, but when they spoke of “We the People,” they were thinking of themselves as “the people,” not those who worked with their hands or as slaves. Once you see the writers of it, you can better understand what the Constitution writers wanted.

In those days, it was reasonable for the elite writers to have a large group of armed people that they could rabble rouse and use their arms for the purposes of the elite. Thus we have that stuff about having a militia.

Unfortunately for the elite, the rising middle class got wind of the Constitution and used the new laws and principles for themselves. The courts established under it became a way for people other than the elite to obtain some justice and more rights, although the elite first thought that the courts, run by their brethren, would actually allow them to keep their positions of wealth and power. The elite writers over-did the language.

So today we have this complicated, multi layered society, many parts of which have waked up to see that they can use the Constitution for their own purposes (which are at odds with many others with seemingly also justifiable claims). The elite’s iron grip slipped but so did everyone else’s grip due to these complexities. Of course, the elite has invented other ways to hold on to their power and position, but still use the Constitution when it suits them. Very few of any of the groups care really to understand the full document–partly because some parts restrict their goals.

Now we have a nasty killing of children. Of course, the President must show he is “gonna do something.” Politics demand it. However, any calm, reasonable, well informed person can easily see that the “cat is already way out of the bag” and there are way too many guns already in private hands to effect anything but a show of pretend restrictions. Ideally, people would remain quiet, pretend sympathy, and go on doing exactly what they want to do anyway. BUT, the NRA itself had to show it is “gonna resist something” in a big showy way. NRA got Bubbas even more excited, and we have today’s situation where people bandy about the Second Amendment as if they understood its historic roots.

The “militia” called for in the Constitution was put there so that the elite could quickly raise an army to repel any more King Georges, but need not pay to maintain that militia but get it for free. Today we have a (poorly) paid standing army for that purpose and that army knows that a real militia would just get in the way. Actually, America no longer has a militia as described in century 1700 terms, but today’s Bubbas style themselves as saviors of the nation in the ludicrous contention that they could become any kind of militia or force of any effectiveness.


Thus the Second Amendment argument from Bubbas dissolves under the weight of facts, reason, and history.



About Charles Henry Harpole

Retired college teacher of cinema studies and film-making. Film Dept/Program founder and administrator. Buddhist. Amateur "ham" radio operator, HS0ZCW. Prepper evaluator
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