Who Do You Think Runs Things? Snow White?

All politicians are at least scoundrels if not also thieves, bribe takers, certainly liars, people manipulators, or even murderers. Look at history…. Andrew Jackson gets Pres based on his slaughtering Indians; Teddy R. was loved for winning his invented war; Truman nuked Japan not once but twice; Nixon undercut democracy; RayGun killed off unions and opened rampant capitalism; Bush1 was head of American secret police, and Bush/Cheney started Mid East wars and destroyed the economy. Ford was a yes man. LBJ kept the Vietnam war building up and benefited from thousands of money deals.

Then look further… JFK and Clinton philandered with many women and who knows what else. Obama has taken full responsibility for killing Muslims via drone attacks (funny way of showing his love of them) and clearly dumped vast wealth on Wall Street and banks.

This is a list of scoundrels and much worse. What kind of person would want that office unless they had gangster and dictator qualities…. given all the back room deals they do to get into office? Check Jimmy Carter for a good man unable to lead the nation. He was not mean enough to fight in the dirty brawls with other scoundrels clawing to grab whatever they can steal.

However to say that Obama favors your list is just plain stupid (except Wall Street which BTW has no affection for the rest of your list, so supporting that negates supporting the others). Obama is killing Muslims, drugs are out of the control of anyone, Black Panthers are defunct, and you and I cant spell alkaida, which is a fiction invented by USA govt to scare Americans. P.S. alkaida in English is “The Base” which refers to OBL’s collecting his supporters names so their families could locate them; it is a data base, a list. So, govt has got you fighting a list.

America was founded by scoundrels who stole a continent from native residents, fought to keep their money from King George, kept slaves, killed millions in Civil War, more in other wars, has a nuke supply to kill all of humanity several times over, and… oh read real history and get real about the nation you salute.

Who do you thinks runs things, Snow White?


About Charles Henry Harpole

Retired college teacher of cinema studies and film-making. Film Dept/Program founder and administrator. Buddhist. Amateur "ham" radio operator, HS0ZCW. Prepper evaluator
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