Hearing Footsteps


          In football, when the wide receiver goes way out to catch a pass, his biggest problem is concentration on the ball.  That should be his only thought, but whispering in his inner ear is also the knowledge that he is going to get hit and hit hard.  He thinks, “Will this be the hit that puts me permanently on the sidelines?  Can I keep the pool heated next winter?”

          As the ball gets in the air, what that wide receiver hears, along with these thoughts, are footsteps.  What he hears are running footsteps of the man chasing him, the man who will hit him hard.

          Those footsteps distract the wide receiver.  They either make him fail to catch the ball, or at least make him very, very aware of his own mortality.

          When I take my medications, I hear footsteps.  When my wheeze will not stop, I hear footsteps.  When ailments come calling on me, come screaming actually, I hear footsteps.

          Hearing footsteps;  damn, they are getting louder.


About Charles Henry Harpole

Retired college teacher of cinema studies and film-making. Film Dept/Program founder and administrator. Buddhist. Amateur "ham" radio operator, HS0ZCW. Prepper evaluator
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