The Terrorists Won, a list

The terrorists won in many ways…. here are only some….

1. complex airport inspections of passengers, unproven to catch anything but frustration.
2. The Patriot Act and many other lesser nibbles at our freedoms.
3. Heightened fear of anyone who “looks different” thus separating people from their fellow citizens.
4. Allows govt to play on fears of terrorists to manipulate people, remember the Orange Level?
5. Allow govt to kill people who are only SUSPECTS; to be a suspect today is to be considered guilty, and that idea can easily spread to all levels of law enforcement domestically, too. This matter is a major factor that the Founding Fathers fought King George about.
6. Injected general approval of international pre-emptive strikes across sovereign borders or anywhere, an idea that can easily spread to all law enforcement (“Well, he looked like he was going to rob that store.”).
7. General US approval of conduct of undeclared wars even if Constitution demands formal declarations.

This list is not complete and it is a general indictment of how a formerly free nation reacts with dangerous kneejerk answers to new and difficult problems; and the answers are of the “quick and easy” kind that can obtain instant and passionate approval of many Bubbas. See the negative reactions to this message for evidence of that.


About Charles Henry Harpole

Retired college teacher of cinema studies and film-making. Film Dept/Program founder and administrator. Buddhist. Amateur "ham" radio operator, HS0ZCW. Prepper evaluator
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