Quantum Theory and Buddhism


Look, highly realized Buddhist masters have been doing quantum physics for a very long time.  While Western scientists were believing only what they could see and compute, Buddhists were doing all the things now being glimpsed in science.  Tibetan Buddhist is filled with reports of masters being in several places at the same time, of walking through walls, of leaving their footprints in solid stone, and of knowing the future.  Buddhist masters were (are?) masters of the “uncertainty principle” and used it to manipulate the world.  That is because all the masters had to do was observe a thing or phenomenon, and observe it in their certain way, and then they could change it.  The masters could change the physical world at will.

Little wonder why the Buddhist masters were so secretive, only taught by “mouth to ear,” and never did demonstrations to unbelievers.  In the wrong hands, these abilities could be used to change the future (and the past), could create massive armies of the same person, could rebuild matter, communicate over vast distances instantly, and could thus use these abilities to make a person nearly a god.  The nature of the ideas in quantum physics are accessible via contemplation, meaning that masters could have thought them up and did not need higher math nor experimental science to gain access to these ideas.  That accessibility and the dangers of the use of the knowledge indicated that masters must keep the secret and pass that secret, if at all, only to select few with the discipline to keep their mouths shut about it all.

Tibetan Buddhist masters have visited or viewed alternative or parallel universes and often speak of special people or beings who live in or travel to those other universes.  There is the idea that some of these beings have conquered time and thus seem to live forever.  In fact, to read Buddhist materials one must conclude that Buddhist masters knew that the concept of ordinary time was in error.  Too, there is the plain evidence that the masters understood time/space much more accurately centuries ago in the way that Western science is just now peeking into and asserting and even calculating some proofs in their terms. 

Quantum physics have been ordinary to Buddhists masters since at least the time of the latest Buddha.  And, Buddhists are not the only ones with these vast insights.  If one looks to ancient thinking and activities of India, for example, some glimpses of these ideas are there too. 

Today’s quantum scientists are so far behind.  


About Charles Henry Harpole

Retired college teacher of cinema studies and film-making. Film Dept/Program founder and administrator. Buddhist. Amateur "ham" radio operator, HS0ZCW. Prepper evaluator
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