What Are All the Standing Stones For ?


Standing stones, like Stonehenge, are sitting up all over the world.  They are in several arranged layout designs, often the same design in widely different places, but the most common feature is that they are really, really old.  There are spherical big stone balls, some are carved, most are upright obelisks, but all of them seem to have a purpose if for no other reason than they had to require herculean effort to cut them and put them in place.  They remain a mystery today.

Here is the news:  most of the standing stones, especially Stonehenge, are markers for time/space travel.  To travel in time/space, that is to purposely have your body appear anywhere in places in space and do so somewhat or totally disregarding time of traveling, means you would actually just materialize, pop up, in a place where you wanted to go.  You would have been, in the words now well known, “beamed up.”

The nature of this kind of movement of your physical body would mean that your matter had become energy for the trip, and when your energy popped back into matter, you would need to be in a clear spot, otherwise your matter may materialize inside the other matter already on the spot you are coming into.  Then, it was very important for the type of travelers we are discussing to have a clear spot to reappear.  The answer would be to set up some stones to mark the spot and also to teach the locals to leave the spot alone, not to try to move the stones (made very large to discourage their movement), and even to worship there as a way of keeping the spot clear for an easy return.

A lot of people are stuck on the idea that space aliens need a ship to travel in, but if the matter is simply beamed as energy, then a ship is not necessary.  Also, no long travel times are involved.  Maybe the space aliens needed ships to move around on Earth, and thus that is what millions of people have seen over the eons, but this type did not need a ship for really long distant travel.  Such travel possibility is now a principle of quantum physics (where the idea is that to change the particle in one place, also changes its “partner” in another place, with the space in between being unimportant).  Thus, instant travel.

A problem remains and that is the presence of air.   It seems ok that a traveler would need a nice clear space to pop into, but that place is, nevertheless, filled with air molecules.  How to avoid materializing into these air particles?  (Maybe have nightmares about materializing into very dirty, polluted air?)   I don’t know, but I sure do think that is a very good question.

Well, maybe the travelers did use ships and the ships were built to repel smaller groups of molecules, like air, but not really dense things like earth or the Empire State Building.  Then, the travelers could appear, safely inside a ship (which was transported as energy, too) which was built to hold off air molecules.  Well, if “they” could make the stuff to do the traveling, surely the air repelling trick would be easy.  I think my idea still stands up like a stone.


About Charles Henry Harpole

Retired college teacher of cinema studies and film-making. Film Dept/Program founder and administrator. Buddhist. Amateur "ham" radio operator, HS0ZCW. Prepper evaluator
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