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I.Q.: Knowing Almost Enough

I.Q. Knowing Almost Enough (Peeking over the fence) I believe in the Intelligence Quotient, the I.Q supposedly a measure of basic intelligence.  I have had the same I.Q. my whole life, tested periodically, and it always comes up the same.  … Continue reading

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Tsunami 2006: I was there

Tsunami 2006 Andaman Island The morning of December 26, 2006 a huge earthquake and following tsunami hit the whole Pacific rim.  The story of that event is well reported now.  However, I was on an Andaman Island when the whole … Continue reading

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“Doomsday” TV program from Nat Geo

DOOMSDAY by National Geographic November 2013 The TV program, “Doomsday,” aired via the National Geographic channel is a significant disservice to public understanding about the situation it presents and is highly unrealistic in significant ways.  Although presented in a style … Continue reading

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How to Swallow Pills

Many people seem to have difficult swallowing medications in pill form.  Big vitamin pills are another trouble.  So, here is how to do it. 1.  Get your water open and ready. 2.  Take a huge breath and hold it. 3.  … Continue reading

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Watch Hillary

Watch Hillary.  If she DOES NOT declare her intention to run for President, that will mean that she and Bill do not want to be in the White House when the America economy REALLY goes to Hell.  Otherwise, Hillary has … Continue reading

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