I.Q.: Knowing Almost Enough

I.Q. Knowing Almost Enough (Peeking over the fence)

I believe in the Intelligence Quotient, the I.Q supposedly a measure of basic intelligence.  I have had the same I.Q. my whole life, tested periodically, and it always comes up the same.  I believe in I.Q.

Ok, I score above average but not into the genius category.  My score indicates a lifetime of almosts.  At this score of mine, I can clearly see most facts about life, see most opportunities, and can analyze anything non-mathematical.  I am smart enough to be highly opinionated and to be able to marshal plenty of support for all of my opinions, those reasonable and those esoteric.  I am able to get some people to do some things under my direction.  I am a great teacher.  I believe in the importance of being ethical and even moral, and I believe in personality honesty.  I also know that no one knows anything for sure.

What I am not is a genius.  But, I am smart enough to see what genius is and what it can do.  I can peek over the fence into genius, but I can not enter.  My point here is that this is a very painful peeking fence. 

I have known a few geniuses and marveled at them.  I see them manipulate me and others as easily as turning a door knob.  I see them flash to conclusions of problems that later I can read what they thought and then mostly understand it.  But, I can not flash such brilliance, although I can certainly see it.

Down the I.Q. scale, I know many One Hundreds.  They are too limited to peek over the fence and so well adjusted not to care to try.   I will not go so far as to say that “ignorance is bliss” but this situation is rather close. 

Ten points downward yet are the people who are convinced they are smart and go through life in that firm belief.  If they encounter genius or even near genius, they see themselves as one of that group.  That is a mistake, of course.  That situation leaves those people always wondering why their obvious genius is not recognized.  That leaves those people thinking that they are smarter but just not lucky or something.  Often, that situation puts these people in the position of standing in the way of genius, most often by averring that they know better.  There is little in personal meetings for me with this level of person that is not painful because no one will ever be able to explain to them their unredeemable limitations.   They do not try to peek over the fence because they believe they are on the other side. 

I believe I am in the most painful position.  I can see what can be done with real brain power, but will never reach that level.  I can teach geniuses and then see them zoom on ahead of me.  I can sense the satisfaction of that power but not taste it.  I know my limitations.

Now, don’t think I am permanently angry about the cards dealt me.  I am very happy to have what I have, truly I am.  However, ever now and then I do peek over the fence.


About Charles Henry Harpole

Retired college teacher of cinema studies and film-making. Film Dept/Program founder and administrator. Buddhist. Amateur "ham" radio operator, HS0ZCW. Prepper evaluator
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