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How They Have Ruined Football

How They Have Ruined Football “They” have ruined American football.  A combination of television, the NFL, and the owners and even fans have shaped today’s football in ways much less enjoyable to watch and, likely, rather more difficult for players. … Continue reading

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I HEAR SOUNDS WHEN I ROLL MY EYES Yes, sometimes I hear sounds when I roll my eyes.  The sound is not consistently present but does happen.  What is that?

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What We Miss By Not Looking Further

One of my sad realizations is to know of all the truly fine musicians there are in the world who will never be heard beyond a small circle of friends.  Our world has lots of room for stock brokers, if … Continue reading

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What I Thought Of At Age Fifteen

I thought a whole lot as a teenager.  I read science fiction, the best kind, and I thought a lot about big ideas.  Around the age of fifteen, I decided a number of important things. 1.  The big bang theory … Continue reading

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A Strain on Nothing

Where does it all come from?  Ok, I like the big bang theory and subscribe to it (although they are raising their rates, maybe due to postage costs going up).  That theory says that at “some time” all of matter … Continue reading

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Chewing Gum

Chewing chewing gum.  Just do not do it. Especially women;  it makes you look like a cow.

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Letter from the Edge of the Expanding Universe

A Letter from the Edge of the Expanding Universe Dec 2013 Hello, my name is Gee.  Allow me to introduce myself.  I am a sentient being, and I live on a planet at the far edge of the expanding universe.  … Continue reading

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Enjoyment of Art, especially movies

Enjoyment of Art, especially movies This is a “how to” guide to enjoying art.  It actually extends to enjoying life. The history of Western thought about art is dominated by admiration for order, coherence, clarity, subtlety, and an expansion of … Continue reading

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Three Rs vs. Self Esteem

Three Rs vs. Self Esteem Sometime in the decade of the sixties, American public schools got a new direction.  If it came from Harvard or just the atmosphere, it was a real and important change.  The change was away from … Continue reading

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