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Thermite: I invented it

In the advanced chem high school class, I wanted to create some rocket fuel.  I tried number of things, like a good scientist, until I came up with a combination of ingredients that did what I wanted… long hot burn. … Continue reading

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The Real Nature of the Universe

HOW THINGS REALLY ARE:  Trying to be Awake in a Sleepy Era C. Harpole, Feb. 20014 In 1958 at the age of 15, I asked myself about the nature of the universe.  I decided that the big bang theory was … Continue reading

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Merit award to Somjit

££   AWARD  OF  MERIT    ££ TO “ SOMJIT  PHOSIT ”   Great mother, caring love of husband, able to conquer all Thailand bureaucracy.   Presented this day 27 june 2014   For meritorious service to her family, overcoming many problems … Continue reading

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Preppers use of Ham Radio

HAM RADIO AS A PREPPER TOOL By Charles Henry, K4VUD, ham radio operator Many preppers want communications options during times of vast calamities that shut off normal cell phone and other means for a long time. Often, ham radio is … Continue reading

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